Demolition & Building

If you are looking for a new home but also want to live a same locality as you currently live. We specialize in demolition and building services, we demolish existing buildings responsibly and build your dream custom home on it.

Great Benefits of Demolition & Building Process:

1. Same Permanent Address with Improved Standard of Living

2. Saving Buying and Selling Costs of Land & Homes

3. 10 Year Builder Warranty on your New Home

4. Energy Efficient Homes

5. Avoiding unreliable and expensive renovation costs

6. Bran New Build will provide greater equity and asset value

7. Emotional Equity and living close to friends & family

Lets us meet with you to discuss the viability & feasibility of your demolition and building project with us. Contact us today for no obligation site visit.





Mailing Address

142-1364 McPhillips St. Winnipeg, MB R2X2M4

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